About Us

All those who decided to buy an item from our collection should do so with a deep awareness that a accessory item itself can never be the cause of true happiness, true happiness and joy reside for free within the deep recesses of the heart, this is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and others. All an item can do is to be a reminder of this inner state, a symbol of our inner reality, this inner reality is not conditioned by material commodities, it is sanctified from it and transcends the fleeting things of this world.

At Sigmano™ our mission is to create awareness of the world around us, by buying an item you fuel a platform and community that diligently seeks to expand consciousness. It should also be clear from the outset that we are not an authority over knowledge nor exclusively possessing the capacity to understand, we encourage everyone to look with their own eyes and discern for themselves what truth can be found in the world. At the center is the exploration of what it means to be a man in the 21st century, and if there is one thing men are confused about, it is their relation to the opposite sex and the significant role they play in this age. Blinded by our surroundings we men have lost what it means to take on our duties and responsibilities with resolve and firmness. The dignity and modesty that once characterized manhood has eroded, it is lamentable. However, hope is never lost, there will always be an open door, will power is needed to break of the shackles of the present, and to now walk into the potentialities of the future. 

Sigmano™ salutes you.